Seteco has added value to business management for over 50 years.

The quality of a professional services organization can be  measured by the level and quality of the demand of its custormes in terms of work consistency and accuracy.

Seteco distinguishes itself by offering services based on its wide knowledge that convers the most diverse sectors and tax regimes, which is the result of the experience na the qualificationof its professionals and the company’s 50-year know-how in accounting, tax and labor services.


To provide quality services, Seteco’s multidisciplinary teams translate the knowledge and experience the company has acquired over the year in a wide range of areas into customer value, offering exclusively:

  • Outsourced  accouting, tax and labor (outsourcing)
  • Risk prevention and mitigation (compliance)
  • Automaton, integration and management of internal controls (bpo)
  • Business and tax consulting (tax)
  • Integrated Management System (ERP)
  • Personal income tax
  • Business opening and contractual changes