Methodology and Commitment in Implementig your Accountig.

Accounting infrastructure management
Seteco respects the special aspects of every company culture and business vision, whether domestic or foreign.  That’s how it has developed the ability to cooperate with its customers, implementing its own methodology and generating better results.  Seteco has used creative solutions transformed into action and permanently develops its knowledge to improve its customer’s businesses. It has used flexibility and built productive relationships. As a result, its activities cover the entire accounting infrastructure management process of companies.  It adapts to the organizational processes and culture of corporations and assumes the existing teams and the technical responsibility in the area.  Methodology and experience, translated by a 50-years market presence, a pioneering spirit, and innovation capacity have built a strong brand recognized for its competence, ethics, transparency and flexibility in conducting its work and in attending its customers.


The quality of a professional services organization can be  measured by the level and quality of the demand of its custormes in terms of work consistency and accuracy.

Seteco distinguishes itself by offering services based on its wide knowledge that convers the most diverse sectors and tax regimes, which is the result of the experience na the qualificationof its professionals and the company’s 50-year know-how in accounting, tax and labor services.